Certified Protection Levels

UK Knife, Spike & Ballistic Protection Level

Protection Level UK Police Test Weapon Joules Penetration (max mm)
KR1 Engineered Blade (bowie knife) E1 24J E2 36J E1 = 7mm E2 = 20mm
KR2 Engineered Blade (bowie knife) E1 33J E2 50J E1 = 7mm E2 = 20mm
KR3 Engineered Blade (bowie knife) E1 43J E2 65J E1 = 7mm E2 = 20mm
SP1 Engineered Spike 24J 0mm
SP2 Engineered Spike 33J 0mm
SP3 Engineered Spike 43J 0mm
HG1/A 9mm and .357″ Magnum N/A Trauma: 44mm
HG1 9mm and .357″ Magnum N/A 25mm
HG2 9mm SMG and .357″ Magnum N/A 25mm
RF1 7.62mm N/A 25mm


National Institure Of Justice: Ballistic Resistence Of Police Body Armour

Caliber Velocity (fps)
Level I

.22 LRHV (40g) Lead
1050 – 1100

.38 Caliber (158g) Lead Round Nose
850 – 900
Level IIA

.357 Magnum (158g) Jacketed Soft Point
1250 – 1300

9mm (124g) Full Metal Jacket
1090 – 1140
Level II

.357 Magnum (158g) Jacketed Soft Point
1395 – 1445

9mm (124g) Full Metal Jacket
1175 – 1225
Level IIIA

.44 Magnum (240g) Lead Semi Wadcutter
1400 – 1450

9mm (124g) Full Metal Jacket
1400 – 1450
Level III

7.62mm (150g) (.308 Caliber) Full Metal Jacket
2750 – 2800
Level IV

30.06 (166g) (.30 Caliber) M2AP Armour Piercing
2850 – 2900


Armour Panels

Once you have become familiar with the certified armour levels you now need to decide what armour best suits your specific needs.

Safety-Tec offers the following options:

Panel Thickness
KR1 stab resistant 12mm
KR1 & SP1 rated stab & spike resistant 18mm
KR2 & SP2 rated stab & spike resistant 18mm
HG1, KR1 & SP1 rated stab, spike, & ballistic resistant 12mm
HG1, KR2, SP2 rated stab, spike, & ballistic resistant 12mm
HG1/A & KR1 rated stab & ballistic resistant 12mm
HG1/A & KR2 rated stab & ballistic resistant 14mm
NIJ Rated
Panel Weight
NIJ Level 111 200mm x 250mm
50mm x 300mm
NIJ Level 1V 200mm x 250mm
250mm x 300mm
200mm x 200mm
150mm x 200mm

Once you have decided what armour panels best suit your requirements you now need to choose a carrier (cover) for your armour panels.
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