The Differences between Spike and Stab protection

Sharp objects and edged blade objects can be used to inflict serious bodily harm on anybody. You can easily die if your vital organs are injured in an attack by an assailant carrying such objects. This explains why you should ensure you are protected against such attacks. The extent of injury caused by these kinds of objects can depend on the force used by the attacker and also on the sharpness of the tool used.

If you are likely to be exposed to spike and stab attacks, then you need to be fully protected. Stab protection is the protection against assailants carrying cutting objects such as knives, broken glasses and blades. The protection against sharp pointed objects such as needles is what is known as spike protection.

Researchers have had to develop better ways of protecting individuals against spike and stab attacks due to the rising instances of such attacks. Detailed studies led to the development of spike and stab protection body armors. At the forefront of body armor developments was the DuPont Company which is responsible for developing the extensively used Kevlar.

It is important to note that body armors are very particular in the kind of threats they protect against. Stab protection armor will be useless in the event of an attack using spiked weapons. This means that you must assess the specific threat that you are facing before buying any body armor.

Spike protection body armors are made of several layers of strong synthetic fibers that completely stop a sharp object from going through the armor. In normal fabrics, spikes go through the tiny spaces between the threads in the fabrics. On the contrary, edged blade tools cut through normal cloths. Stab protection armors are made of hardened synthetic fiber that can’t be easily ripped by an edged blade.

Spike Protection For Bodyguards

Over the years, spike and stab protection body armors have saved many lives. Nowadays bodyguards protecting high profile individuals have to wear spike protection armor. These bodyguards are mandated to protect their bosses by all possible means. This includes positioning themselves between an assailant and the client so as to protect him/her. In such cases the bodyguard can be severely injured if he/she is not fully protected against spike attacks.

Spike Protection For Maximum Security Prison Guards

High security criminals pose a grave danger to prison guards because they aren’t afraid of killing anybody. Some prisoners will feel like they have nothing to lose as they will remain incarcerated for the rest of their lives. This means that it is extremely important for prison guards to be protected against sharp objects, that the prisoners may have been able to obtain or fashion for themselves.

Stab Protection For Night Club Bouncers

Night clubs are normally full of intoxicated revelers who can easily break bottles. Broken bottles may be used for stab attacks inside the club. To ensure that there is order in the night club, bouncers should wear body armor that offers them protection from attacks by cutting objects such as broken bottles.

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